I’m starting my Software Engineering/exchange studies in LUT, what do I do?

If you are coming to study a degree, you must join the student union of LUT, LTKY. More information on this can be found at https://ltky.fi/

Apply for an apartment or housing. The most popular choice by far is LOAS, the student housing association of Lappeenranta. Their applications etc. can be found at https://loas.fi/ Generally the housing situation is great for students and privately owned apartments are also a viable option. If you haven’t found housing, you can apply for a temporary stay in a dormitory from LTKY and LOAS.

A finnish student card gives you access to a wide variety of perks and discounts. You can order a student card from https://www.frank.fi if you’re studying for a degree, exchange students will receive additional information on their alternative during orientation.

During the orientation weeks you might want to bring a few extra items:

  • A finnish high school graduation cap (or other headwear with no sentimental or monetary value)
  • Weather appropriate clothing and sportswear, as some of the evening programs are being held outdoors
  • If you are the partying kind, there is a ‘suit up’-themed party, meaning the dresscode will call for a bit more classy clothing, along the lines of cocktail dresses, suits etc.
  • Open mind and an attitude towards trying new things. Finnish student culture is truly unique and the best experiences come from throwing yourself in head first. The atmosphere is very inclusive and your tutors will be here to help you integrate as a part of the Free state of Skinnarila.

I want to learn more about the student life I’m embarking into

LTKY’s site offers some information in english (https://ltky.fi/?lang=en) but sadly our online archives are somewhat lacking in English content. The best way to learn is to participate in the orientation weeks!

You can find our guild on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/clusterry and you can forward your questions about Cluster to our international affairs’ representative at kv(at)cluster.fi